What is the aim of these pages ?
I'm not an historian. I'm not a specialist of cigarettes packages designing, I'm just a collector. So, I tried to resume in these pages, the informations I've found in books, websites, etc.
So, I hope you will find the main pratical information you need.

Where could I get more informations ?
Just look at the bibliography page.



Where could I find cigarettes packs for my collection ?
Please note, that other informations are available in French.




Where could I find cigarettes packs for my collection ?
(please, note that this informations have been initially written for french people - so maybe it does'nt occur in you country)


"It's easy, but also tough ! " (copyrights...)

Second hand trade market: this is the best way to find low cost packages. But it's also the best way to waiste your time !

Second hand specialized shop: there are lot of these shops, here in Paris. Of course you will find rare packs, often metalic packs, but it will be very expensive. (if you need addresses, just contact me)

Year time covered market "Les Puces": like the famous "Puces de Montreuil" or "Puces de Saint Ouen" (in the Paris subburb) (if you want more informations, just contat me)
At the "Puces de Saint Ouen" - "Marché Vermeillon":
- allée8 - 179: there are beautifful packs, often unoppened, and prices are like as usual. (good deal)
- allée7 - 128Bis: lot of packs (oppened and non oppened) before the 60's. Lots of cards too. Price are correct and good deal could be also done. The merchant is really helpfull.

Auctions website: Like Ebay. You can find good deals, but price are often huge. But really good stuff to find there.

Ad's: very rare to find something. But sometimes there are fantastics deals to do.

Forums: like mine ! ( click here to enter)

Other collectors : Of course ! That the best way to find packs, and informations !